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Mike Thompson, head of Carbon Budget about Climate Change

2016. november 29. - MKTbme

On the last week here, at the BME we welcomed Mike Thompson, the head of Carbon Budgets at the Committee on Climate Change (CCC).


What is Climate Change? Everybody heard about that, and we know the global heating threats the environmental conditions of the world. But what is being done against the Climate Change? The most important international step was the Paris Convention 2015, which main target is that the warming of the Earth’s atmosphere stays below 2 degrees Celsius.

Mr. Thompson talked about the work of the committee, and their long-term plans.


In the UK exists the Climate Change Act 2008, which is about that the UK strives for the carbon and greenhouse gases emission reduce with at least 80% back to the 1990’s baseline, for 2050. The Act aims to enable the UK government to follow a low-carbon economy, and gives the right to the ministers for measures in interest to achieve the greenhouse gas reduction targets. To monitor the achievement of the targets, and advice on climate policy has been created an independent committee, the CCC. Effectiveness founded on making simple and tractable recommendations based firmly in evidence and intelligent use of models.

By 2050 they would like to reach the global 2 degree Celsius target, which has been defined in Paris, 2015. Another target, to realize the 2tCO2 charging per person, which is the global average.  To achieve these goals UK use known technologies. CCC introduced a ban on new coal-fired power stations, thanks to them the most wide-ranging changes to the energy market since privatization, they continued funding for energy efficiency, electric cars and renewables-based heating systems. The Britons pollutant emission currently is around 500 MtCO2/year (the starting value was 800), and the 2050’s target is 160MtCO2/year. The planned progress till 2050 to continue cut down the emission and beside that increase the economy.


The 2050 target is still far away, and Britain has much to do to reach it. Need to improve and popularize renewable power forces, new electrical vehicles, bioenergy in buildings and the industry, etc.

“We will not if you will not. We Will, Will You? We Will If You Will”

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